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Perfectech International Trading Limited involves in the trading of novelties and decorative items manufactured by the Group's companies. Its main products include a versatile range of festival items, such as Easter wall decorations, Halloween masks and various decorative items for Christmas. Other products include different items of party favours, placemat of various materials such as PVC, plastic and paper, and also shopping bags for various festivals and seasons.

Dream Creation Limited and Beyond Growth International Limited are companies engaged in the sale and manufacture of toys and consumer products respectively with production plant in Zhongshan of more than 10 years and the plant is one of the leading manufacturers in the region.

Shouji Tooling Factory Limited with its production base in Shenzhen have various types of advanced machines in the manufacture of plastic injection moulds and provision of technical services for the high precision assembly of such moulds with customers located worldwidely.

Link Faith Company Limited and Sunflower Garland Manufactory Limited are the investment vehicles of the Group, mainly investing in Hong Kong Stock Market.

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